Kathryn Guylay Selected as Community Hero: The Edible Schoolyard, October 2012 Edition

Kathryn Guylay was nonimated by members of Hemingway Elementary School’s wellness committee and selected as a Community Hero by The Edible Schoolyard’s Hero for her work to bring nutrition education to students at their school.  After moving from the Chicago area to Idaho in the fall of 2011, Kathryn began to slowly bring the concepts from Nurture’s work in Chicago to her new community.  In her first year in the Wood  River Valley, she volunteered at her own kids’ school (The Community School of Sun Valley, Idaho) and taught Nurture’s school programming under the name “Food and Fun”.  During this time, she also joined the Advisory Board of The Hunger Coalition and teamed up with this food pantry serving all of Blaine County to delivery Nurture’s Family Programming to families in-need.  This year (school year 2012/3), the momentum is gaining as Nurture’s work in the Wood River Valley continues to expand.  All four public Elementary schools in the area (Bellevue, Hailey, Hemingway and Woodside) have requested programming assistance from Kathryn/Nurture.  With the help of Program Coordinator Amy Schlatter (a former teacher in the public school district), programming begins at each of these schools during the month of October.   Kathryn’s work has also expanded at the Community School, now reaching all grades in both the Elementary School and Middle School.    There is lots of great momentum for Nurture in the Wood River Valley of Idaho!  Please see this PDF of the posting by The Edible Schoolyard.


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