Praise for Nurture’s nutrition and wellness education programming with local collaborative school partners:

bellevue-elementary “(What is so great is) trying new foods!  I also love the visualizations!” – Kindergarten teacher at Bellevue Elementary School, Bellevue ID
  “(The Nurture instructor) is innovative in her approach to teaching kids about nutrition. She never judged or condemned food choices, but rather educated students as to what are healthy choices while pointing out some of the drawbacks of less nutritious ones.” – 5th grade teacher at the Community School, Sun Valley, ID
hailey-elementary “Great lesson(s)! (My favorite part is) the visuals and interactive ways to engage all the students.” – 5th grade teacher at Hailey Elementary School, Hailey, ID
earnest-hemmingway-school “(My favorite thing about the program) is the way the presenters interact with the students and the great information they provide to our kids.” – 5th grade teacher at Hemingway Elementary School, Ketchum, ID
woodside-elementary “Engaging presentation(s)–gets kids involved and hooked.” – 5th grade teacher at Woodside Elementary School, Hailey, ID


To see our school programming in action, and hear from some of our child participants, please watch this video:

Higher GroundNurture Idaho strives to create synergies through collaborative efforts with other local social service agencies.  We offer partners our expertise in community health outreach education.  We are proud to collaborate with:

Higher Ground Sun Valley
St. Luke’s Center for Community Health
The Hunger Coalition of Blaine County
The Wood River YMCA

Praise for Nurture’s work with local collaborative partners:

  Nurture has been an uplifting & inspirational partner of both the Blaine County Hunger Coalition’s staff team and, more importantly, our clients. Through thoughtful, detailed correspondence, a generous slow cooker donation, professional advice, and curriculum sharing, Nurture has bridged the gap with our organizations and provided progressive programming & evaluative techniques that greatly enhance the everyday functions of our organization & educational opportunities. By partnering with our small Idaho community food bank, Nurture has touched the lives of many. We thank you Nurture! - The Hunger Coalition, Bellevue, ID 

Nurture is an excellent resource for our Y members and guests.  As CEO of the Wood River YMCA, I see many different kinds of families coming in to use our facilities.  While many are active, health-conscious families, there is a tremendous need to reach out to other families who struggle with obesity and overall wellness.  We take pride in the many programs we can offer to families with limited resources, and are thrilled to include Nurture in these efforts.  They have provided several nutrition education opportunities in the past six months; ranging from slow cooker techniques to kitchen organization skills.  Feedback has been incredibly positive, and members are asking details of upcoming Nurture classes.  They have created quite a buzz in the community that I can only imagine will grow as their programming outreach is able to grow.  I look forward to continuing our relationship with Nurture to help serve all families of the Wood River Valley- The Wood River Community YMCA, Ketchum, ID 


To see our agency programming in action, please watch this video of our work with Higher Ground Sun Valley:

For more information on Nurture Idaho’s program results, please see Nurture Idaho: Program Results.


“In all instances, the North Shore Health Center found the partnership with Nurture to be excellent and very well received by our patients.” - North Shore Health Center, Highland Park, IL

“It has been  our privilege to work with Nurture . . . in our cooking and nutrition classes.  Besides teaching our patrons on how to make a nutritious meal, they take the time to really engage the students (women and children) into learning about how to eat healthier.  (Nurture) makes learning fun.” - A Just Harvest, Chicago, IL

“I like to work with Nurture because they provide new, useful and easy applicable information for our low-income clients." - Family Network Prenatal Program, Highland Park, IL

Making Non-Perishable Soup Mixes

A very popular Nurture activity is the creation of non-perishable soup mixes for local food pantries and hunger relief organizations.

Developed as a Martin Luther King Day activity, children scoop spices into a spice baggie and then scoop brown rice, barley, lentils and split peas into a larger baggie then add the spice baggie and copy of the recipe. The children then taste a sample of the soup. Families in need get a nutritious 6-serving meal that they can afford to make on their own, and children feel the reward of giving back to their community in a very fun way!

Click here for directions on how to conduct this activity. We'd love to hear of your successes with this activity and post any pictures!

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