Our Mission

Nurture’s mission is to educate children, families and communities about making healthy, affordable food choices and getting physically active. We partner with schools and community organizations in a fun, hands-on way with a goal of reducing the risk of obesity and nutritionally related diseases.

Our mission follows the proverb: Give a person a fish and feed them for a day;  teach a person to fish and feed them for a lifetime. Tools we provide to families include:

-Education (cooking classes, fitness classes, nutrition education, and gardening education)

-Philanthropy (cooking equipment, food, fitness equipment, gardening equipment)

-Support (community building, job oppportunities).





Since our founding in 2008, Nurture has been part of the incredible momentum around nutrition and wellness education in schools.  We are thrilled with the fantastic curriculum and materials that have been developed by myriad organizations getting involved (notably Let’s Move!, The Alliance for a Healthier Generation and celebrity initiatives such as Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and Alice Water’s Edible Schoolyard).

What makes Nurture a valuable player in this nation wide movement?
-Our organizational skills.  It takes a lot of work to get programs organized and implemented in the school setting.  With several MBAs at our helm, we’ve put the processes in place to make it easier to turn dreams into reality.  Nurture’s organized processes allow like-minded individuals to implement programs in their own local communities.
-Our open-mindedness.  While we have a fantastic set of experts including several PhDs, Registered Dieticians, and fitness pros, we do not take the approach with our partners that “our program/curriculum is best”.  We love teaching and sharing our curriculum, but we we also love the materials that are being produced by other organizations.  Our presence is embraced enthusiastically by the kids, teachers, and parents we work with.  We are all part of this incredible movement together, working together!
-Our ability to fund at a grass-roots level.  We know that not all school districts want to spend money to hire wellness educators and buy/prepare foods for tasting programs.  We’ve been raising money since 2008 to fund overhead associated with our operations so that local funds we raise can be spent on programs to directly help schools, children and families.   Our staff and volunteers work in partnership to continue to raise those funds.


Nurture is uniquely focused on the parent/child relationship, as we know that while kids are key influencers in choosing foods, the caregiver is the gatekeeper to foods and habits in the home. We have a unique approach to overcoming the obstacles to eating well that we hear in our work with social service agencies and food pantries:

Thanks for your support of this important cause!